My dog has a “hangnail” and is in a lot of pain. What can I do for her?

My roommate took my babies to the dog park today, and when I got back from work my Japanese Chin was huddled by the front door shaking, which is extremely unusual.

I know her to have a very low pain tolerance, so, realizing it could be any little thing, I examined her entire body. Turns out her front right paw’s dewclaw has been almost entirely ripped off by something or another, and she won’t let me touch it without crying.

What can I do to help her out? I have some leftover canine anti-inflammatory/pain relief from when she got spayed, should I give her a dose? Can I wrap her paw or treat it with something? The dewclaw is hanging by a thread, should I try to cut it or leave it alone?

For all of you Negative Nancys: a) I can’t bring her to the vet til tomorrow, it’s 9 p.m. where I am. B) I don’t want to hear “This is why you remove dewclaws at birth!” I rescued her from a shelter when she was already an adult.

I appreciate kind advice. :)

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    Answer by Marc
    The only thing you can do for now is stay up for a night with your dog will tomorrow morning and then go to a vet with her as soon as possible.
    Make sure she doesn’t fall asleep because if she does so she can lay on it and rip it even more or worst.
    So staying up all night might be hard for the both of you but it’s the only thing you can do unless you have a degree in vet school. Then go to a nearby clinic and prescribe some animal painkillers/tranquilizers and try to cut the rest off but I highly discourage that even if you do have a vet school degree with the proper gear it could harm her alot.
    Best of luck with this.



  1. made you look : ) says

    You could wrap it with a bandage. You could give a small dose of the canine inflammatory. I’d leave it until tomorrow at the vet!

    I fear dog barks. They seem like a breeding ground for dog fights (injuries) and diseases, at least in my town.

    My dogs (mixes/mutts) have their dew claws but they have never been an issue.