How much does it cost to take care of a Pomeranian for a month?

This includes grooming, vet checks, and living costs (food.. ect.)
The dog would be a puppy still, with all it’s shots… and if nothing happened, what would it cost?

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    Answer by Katelyn
    it mainly depends on wat happens between weeks if something happens and how far you go for taking care of a dog all do for mine is worm shots feed and play i dont do grooming or anything that can go without doing


  1. Lisa G says

    That’s really hard to guess at since there’s always a possible emergency that could cost you $ 10 or $ 10,000. You don’t say the age of the dog, what food she/he eats, etc.. so it’s pretty hard to say.

    Unless it’s a special needs pup you won’t be going to the vet monthly, anyway. =)

  2. firegirl says

    I agree it depends on the dog and the month, here’s my averages(my dog is 70 pounds):
    Food 1 bag- 27.99
    medicine: 8 for heart worm prevention and 17 for flea medicine
    toys/treats: 10.00(he is spoiled)
    other: 15 for new harness, 10 for new leash(he eats them)

    But sometimes he get sick or hurt I have probably spent $ 3000+ at the vet on him from neutering,shots,doggy emergency,pain pills, ultrasounds…you name it.

  3. kelly says

    I have a Pomeranian and we’ve had him for about 7 years. It costs nothing in vet bills if the dog isn’t sick. It really doesn’t need a vet check in that amount of time either. You don’t need a groomer all you need is a bath every 4 days to a week along with lots of attention to it’s tail and fur with a de-shedding brush. You can feed it puppy food or food for small dogs. A little bag will last for 2 or 3 weeks. It needs a place to bed so a crate or a cage not to small. everything will cost about,
    $ 43.00

  4. Pinky says

    My two cost around €20 a month for food, their bed cost €15, toothbrushes were €5, i groom them myself, vets bill vary but its never more than €40 or either flea or wom tabs, if they need their parvo shots it cost €120 for the two, it doesnt cost a whole lot to be honest, since i only go to the vets when a problem arises,