Do American Foxhounds howl like beagles?

We are thinking of possible dogs to adopt and we really like American Foxhounds…but we want to know if they howl like some beagles we have had experience with. Any advice?

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Answer by Field Labs do it Best!
American Foxhounds do howl.. they don’t howl like Beagles at all.. it’s a lot louder and a lot deeper.. if you’re not a fan of a dog howling or bailing, this dog is not recommended for you… i would also talk to some neighbours, if any, to make sure they don’t send any complaints of your dog.

good luck :)


  1. B!nd! says

    Scent hounds are scent hounds.
    Beagles are just smaller versions of foxhounds- so yep- you guessed it- they will howl and bay just like beagles.
    Pretty much every dog within this breed group will howl and bay. And they are more difficult to train because they are so interested in scenting and hunting. But they are lovely companion dogs if you can put up with all of that.

  2. Lioness says

    They are hounds. Hounds howl. It’s one of those things you love or hate – but you’re not going to get around it.