Can you give a dog pain killers? – question

Can you give a dog pain killers? – question in Dog Breed Discussions

Can you give a dog pain killers? – question :

My poor dog badly cut his paw today, the vet put 7 staples in it, gave him an antibiotic injection and said to bring him back in 3 days. he really seems to be in pain tonight, could I give him some …

Can you give a dog pain killers? – question

My poor dog badly cut his paw today, the vet put 7 staples in it, gave him an antibiotic injection and said to bring him back in 3 days. he really seems to be in pain tonight, could I give him some Calpol or something or is it poison for dogs.
He is a large bearded collie x
He is 20.6 kilos.
Calpol is baby paracetamol. I haven’t given him any but I feel so sorry for him.

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    Answer by bugaboo
    I wouldn’t reccommend it. Ask a vet to be sure.

Can you give a dog pain killers? – question


  1. Lindsay G says

    Call the vet first. I got some pain meds. for my little girl dog after she was fixed but can’t remember what it was. But dogs can take a lot more stuff than I ever knew they could!

  2. Dog Lover says

    Only thing I can think of you could give him is Buffered Asprin and make sure it’s Buffered. But you will have to ask the vet how much for his weight. My dog takes that for pain associated with arthritis.

  3. anwen55 says

    You need to be very careful about giving painkillers to dogs, some are lethal. Check with your vet before giving him anything.

  4. kelley f says

    Sorry but you would kill him! You can give 1 bayer asprin (has to be bayer asprin only or 2 baby aspirn but that is all. I would call your vet and ask them for something!!!

  5. black_rudd says

    no dont give him anything. could have side effects, leave it for the vet to decide or wait till tommorrow to ask him.

  6. muse says

    I wouldn’t give your dog any medication that is for humans without consulting your vet as some drugs that are fine for us can be harmful to dogs. Ring your vet tomorrow to get some pain medication for your dog and in the mean time just make your dog as comfortable as possible and give him loads of attention to take his mind off the pain. Hope that helps.

  7. SusiQ says

    First of all you should call your vet. He should have given your dog something for pain. That’s awful. I would not give him anything except for a baby asprin, and that depends on his weight. Go online and look up asprin for dogs and it will tell you how many milligrams to give him for his weight. Call the vet.

  8. Turnip says

    try giving him ONE crushed paracetemol and sprinkle it on some food. No more than that though and it will not have any side affects that it doesn’t give to humans.

  9. Lab fan says

    don’t please don;t give your dog human painkillers without checking with the emergency vet. Some are poisonous and will kill dogs. I would see if your vet can let you have some pain relief that is suitable for dogs – or advise you as to what you can give and in what doses..

    So sorry to hear about your poor dog… hope he is better soon

  10. Phoebe K says

    The buffered aspirin sounds ok but ask your vet first as your dog may need to be weighed so you know how much it can take……

  11. countryjumper64 says

    There are certain meds that are ok in certain doses and others that will in fact kill your dog. You need to speak with your veterinarian on this one…But also if he did not give you anything to kill the pain perhaps he did that for a reason…Also Bute, a horse pain killer, if you by any chance have horses, this can be given to dogs, just a thought : )

  12. 24 says

    i would think so what is ok for us can be bad of your dog just try and stop it walking

  13. Kira M says

    It isn’t good for dogs to ingest medication made for humans. If he is in a lot of pain ask your vet for an animal pain killer. Another thing you could do is crush up some Tylenol into warm water and let it dissolve. Soak a rag in the Tylenol water and put it on his foot, it should help to ease the pain a little without having it go through him digestive system.

  14. DP says

    You shouldn’t give him anything for pain.. You want him to feel the soreness in his paw, so that he will be careful of it.. If you take away the pain, then he’ll want to run hard and play and will tear out those stitches before you know it.. Keep him feeling it..

  15. eyecandoitall says

    One of my dogs has arthritis and has a difficult time getting around. I have researched various things from anti-inflammatory to natural remedies. The Veterinary Medical Journal suggest alot of the same medications that are given to people. I also consulted a vet on-line and they suggested the same. I give my Dalmatian/Border Collie hydrocodone-(Vicodin) on bad days and it helps him more than anything else. Of course, its only a temporary solution. I give him one when its time for him to exercise and strengthen his legs which is a big help.
    However, certain breeds could have different reactions to certain meds so I would try to get as much information as possible before giving him anything. Alot of people over-react and run to the vet for everything. Remember, they are alot tougher than people give them credit for. If he’s hurting, I would try to do whatever I could. Maybe an extremely small dose to see if any reaction occurs. I’m no expert, just not in a position to run to the vet. I would however, give him a nice little chat for not providing some sort of pain relief to begin with and I sure wouldn’t pay for another visit to get them. Good luck and give him lots of TLC which helps them more than anything.

  16. Smiley says

    dont you that paracetamol KILLS dogs?! calpol is paracetamol, but in smaller doses, bt that doesnt matter, any amount of paracetamol can kill your dog. and if your feeling so sorry for him, all you have to do is go back to your vet and ask for painkillers that are FOR dogs.

  17. southwalessunshine says

    NO!!!!! Get painkillers from your vet. Never give an animal human painkillers, it’ll make them very poorly!

Can you give a dog pain killers? – question